Moving Made Easy

The thought of moving can send you into a full blown panic attack.

The house is a mess for weeks while the packing is happening. You can’t find things you need. There’s stress about money. Being a first time home buyer adds a whole new level of stress.

Scratching your head on how to make moving easy? We have your back. After this article, you will know how to make your move easy and sell your home for top dollar in the process.

Our Best Tips On How To Make Moving Easy

One of the top questions people ask is how to make it easier to move. We are here to help take the sting out of packing up your old house and making your way into the new one.

Make A List And Check It Twice

While some moving tip lists start with packing, we are going to start before all that.

Your first step in moving is to create a checklist. Yes, like in school, a to-do list. It’s imperative.

The only way to keep everything straight during a move is to keep it written down. Here are some things for your list that we have found people forget:

  • Forward your mail
  • Get the power and water switched over
  • Measure your new home so you know what will fit
  • Register your kids at their new school 
  • Update all bills with the new address

As you can tell, the paperwork of a move is where people can drop the ball. Make sure that you sit down and think about everything you’ll need to do to make this move a successful one.

It’s a good idea to break the list into sections like:

  • Paperwork
  • Packing
  • Medications
  • Important information
  • Etc.

Make sure to keep the contact information for the moving company, any repairmen, your real estate agent, and any other professional on the list as well. Business cards are too easy to lose.

Attach a simple calendar printout for the month of your move to your checklist and add events as they are scheduled. This way there is a hard copy in case you need it when the internet is off during the transition.

KonMari Your Condo

The best moving house advice is to get rid of as much stuff as possible. This is going to keep overall costs down and make your move simple.

A popular method to sort your belongings thoughtfully is the KonMari Method. Made famous in Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, the hallmark of KonMari is to declutter your home by deciding what sparks joy.

The best part about choosing to do it this way is that it’s sorting by type. So, once you’ve gone through all of your clothing you can hang whatever you’re keeping up in a wardrobe box.

Got a handle on all the books in your house? Now you know how many book boxes you need and can pack them away. As you tick each type of item you can put them right into boxes so they are guaranteed to spark joy in your new space.

Whatever method you choose, it’s a great idea to downsize as much as possible. Create keepdonate, and trash piles. Make sure to do this before you begin packing because the last thing you want is to open a box of junk at your new home.

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place: Use The Right Tool For The Job

Speaking of being able to pack up right after decluttering, let’s talk packing. One of the best house moving tips is also the simplest. Use the right materials to pack things into.

Packing becomes a million times harder when you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. This is the one time where a unitasker is the best for the job, sorry Alton Brown.

Wardrobe Boxes

Did you know there’s a box that is meant to hold hanging clothes without smushing them in? It’s called a wardrobe box and it comes with a hanging rod. It also opens up and becomes a makeshift closet. You know, while you live out of boxes the first couple of weeks.

Now no one at work needs to know how much of a shambles your new house is in. You’ll be as clean and pressed as ever.

Packing Perishables

Isn’t it the worst when you don’t take the move into account when you make your last grocery trip at the old place? Never fear! Now, you don’t have to eat all the steak before you leave.

While it seems like common sense, packing perishables is as simple as using your backyard cooler. Make sure it’s the last thing you pack so that things don’t warm up before you leave.

Freeze any juice boxes, pouches, and water bottles and use them as the ice packs. Load them into the cooler last. This keeps your food from sitting in a puddle of water. It also avoids the extra task of emptying the cooler before sitting down to pizza after the move.

Use The Booze To Pack Your Shoes… The Boxes That Is

If you have any wine boxes or other liquor boxes hanging around (the ones with the dividers) they make great shoe packers. You can always ask at your local liquor store as well. They have tons of these on hand to help people with large purchases.

Pack a shoe in each space in the box and you’re good to go. This way none of your shoes crush the others. You’ll still have scuff-free kicks when you get home.

Packing Fragile Items

Making sure nothing gets broken is at the top of everyone’s priority list. Leave the fragile stuff until the end so you can spend the extra time and focus on packing them right.

Make sure you have plate foam or newspaper to wrap breakables in or separate dishes. Even though it seems illogical, set plates up on their ends when you pack them into boxes. The weight of the stack can break plates in a box. Setting them on their end keeps you from overpacking the box.

Knives and other items that could be hazardous need their own box. Put them all together. Then, mark it bright and bold. You don’t want the wrong person opening a box of knives and cutting themselves.

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Make Your Mark And Take Pics, Too

Mark every box in permanent marker with what is inside. This eliminates the where is the coffee pot shuffle on the first morning in your new home.

Every box needs a label with the room it belongs in. Are there things you use every day in the box? Make sure you write that underneath the room label. This way they don’t get put at the back of a stack.

If you are using movers, let them know your marking system. When they unload they will know which boxes need to be within easy reach.

Using movers opens up a whole new can of worms. Before they take anything valuable take pictures of the item. These will be proof of the condition of the item when it goes on the truck.

Even the best movers can break things. When you get your stuff back do a thorough check for damage.

Do The Simple Repairs That Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Our best way to move house is with extra money in your pocket. We go into detail about our tactics on how to sell your home fast here. But whatever the timeline is for selling your home, once your stuff is packed up and headed out, spruce it up.

Repairing small things while you have the space empty will make the home show better and get you a higher final price.

Our Getting House Ready To Sell Checklist

  1. Paint the inside
  2. Work on curb appeal
  3. Locate and repair any leaks
  4. Fix broken kitchen cabinets or hard-to-close drawers
  5. Update cabinet and drawer pulls
  6. Replace old fixtures
  7. Consider replacing lighting fixtures
  8. Replace old ceiling fans with simple lights
  9. Leave spare lightbulbs to all fixtures in the home
  10. Patch nail and screw holes

These are things that are easy to do without a professional. There are DIY guides all over the net to walk you through these fixes. They are guaranteed to sell your home fast and for the price you deserve.

Moving Doesn’t Have To Be A Headache

The next time you have to move you’ll know how to make moving easy with this post. Remember the key points:

  • Make a checklist
  • Declutter
  • Use the right tools
  • Make necessary repairs

Taking some time to make a gameplan, get organized, and execute can save you hours of headache and stress. So, before your next move give yourself the time to do it right.

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